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easy way you can prepare birthday cakes

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In an easy way you can prepare birthday cakes

easy way you can prepare birthday cakes

Christmas is one of the significant and delightful events for some individuals, for which everybody plans to commend this day, regardless of whether for grown-ups or small kids, and this event, cakes are bought from the gateaux stores in the structure that you determine and the favored taste, whether cream, chocolate, strawberry, and different sorts, however as Most of them are done at significant expenses that might be a weight on an enormous number of individuals, so interestingly, we set them up at home at the least expense and in the manner you need, and to get ready such treats we will require the accompanying fixings:
  • Fixings utilized:
  • 4 eggs
  • A spot of salt
  • Sugar cup
  • Vanilla spoon
  • 4 tablespoons of severe cocoa without sugar
  • a spoon of preparing powder
  • A glass of warm water
  • 4 cups of flour, some oil

Instructions to plan :

  1. We separate the egg white from the yolk and put it in the bowl of an electric blender and put a measure of sugar and salt with it and blend until it turns into an adequate combination
  2. In a subsequent bowl, we put the egg yolks and vanilla and blend them well and add the remainder of the fixings, which is some oil and some water, and we blend until the fixings are all around blended
  3. We filter the flour with cocoa and heating powder and clean them on the blend we recently arranged
  4. In this stage, we blend the combination in with the egg white, at that point we bring a wooden spoon and begin adding the blend gradually with the blend in a round movement from an external perspective to within so the air doesn't emerge from the combination
  5. We acquire a round plate shape and spread it with margarine to keep the cake from staying inside it. Then, we have turned on the stove and put it at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. At that point we spread the combination and put it in the stove and the cooking time is 20 minutes

To set up the cream

  • We take a cup of whipping cream
  • A cup of margarine
  • Some fine sugar
  • A large portion of a teaspoon of vanilla
  • Readiness technique:
  • We bring a glass bowl and put the chocolate in it.
  • We set up a pot and put a cup of whipping cream in it.
  • Leave the pot on medium warmth for a couple of moments, until bubbles show up on top.
  • From that point onward, eliminate the pan from the oven, at that point add the hot cream to the chocolate.
  • Mix the blend together until the chocolate liquefies with the hot cream until a rich combination is shaped, at that point leave the combination
  • after that until it chills off, as it might take about an hour until it turns out to be totally cold
  • Bring the blender bowl and put some margarine in it and turn on the blender until it turns into a rich combination, at that point from that point forward, we add vanilla, some sugar to the spread and blend them until the fixings are homogeneous.
  • Add the combination to the chocolate blend and turn them together until the blend gets homogeneous, we partition the cake after it has cooled totally and we fill it and wrap it with cream and put it into the cooler to hold well for 4 hours
  • from that point onward, we set up the chocolate with the whipping cream and put them on the fire until liquefying and put them on top of the cake thusly and put it for enrichment Some of the Oreo and chocolate, and we sprinkle them with gold powder, and their shape becomes as follows